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The peculiar game of chance known as Plinko is played with a ball that plinks down the vertical board populated with offset rows of pegs and is very popular on television shows in the 20th century. The board was represented by a pyramid. The game is easy to understand because it just consists of the player choosing from 8 to 16 rows, hoping for the ball to fall into one of the chosen holes, and watching the "bouncing process through the challenges" from atop the pyramid all the way down to its bottom. The game's goal is for the ball to roll all the way down to the bottom peg, at which point it determines the award. So welcome to Plinko's plinkily complex system, trust your luck and let the ball fall!

Plinko Rules

The objective of the game is to win money by knocking down a Plinko ball and waiting for it to fall into the top-paying space at the bottom of the board.

How To Play Plinko

Choose the amount you're betting. Buttons such as "-" and "+" can be used. The "+" and "Max" buttons become disabled when the maximum amount is reached. When the minimum amount is reached, the buttons and "Min" are disabled. Choose whether to wager on low, normal, or high chances of winning. Set the number of lines in your game: from 8 to 16. Select whether to bet manually or automatically.

To begin a game round, select the Play button. Except for Bet Mode, all betting buttons go dormant at the start of the round. Another round with identical settings may be started using the Play button during the round. The ball reaches its destination at the end of the round. Each pocket payout ratio is shown on this display.

In Auto Mode, the field with the number of automatic bets is revealed. Select the number of bets. Push Play. The button Play changes to Stop when there are not enough funds on the balance and you press on the Stop button. If the quantity of rounds defined is reached, clicking on the Stop button ends the game; if not enough money remains, a series of rounds can be completed by pressing on the Play arrow.



The win is calculated using the paytable. The result is entered into the balance field. Payments range from modest to significant.

All plays are void if a malfunction occurs. Every six hours, all unfinished games will be terminated. The player balance will be increased by the win from the round if the game specifies "Collect." If the game needs a player to take action, assume he or she has taken no risk and has chosen the action in order for it to count.

The Game Rules are available in English on this website. In the interest of providing a service, we provide translations into other languages. The English version always takes precedence in the case of conflict between an English version and a translation.

Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack in Plinko

Plinko is a popular pricing game on The Price Is Right in the United States. By putting their chips in the top paying slot on the board, contestants could win chips and play for $25,000.

The show's most well-known prop, the bouncing ball game, is based on an ancient Japanese gambling device known as Pachinko. The game debuted in 1983 and was a fixture of the program until 2007, when it was phased out in favor of the more popular Japanese casino game Pachinko (which also bounces balls into slots around a grid of pegs).

The principle of Baming's Plinko casino game is the same as the original US version; in the UK, players battled for less money but could trade everything for a big prize, and the machines were simply labeled win or lose.

BGaming has created a game with the same winning odds as in the United States. In this version, each slot offers a win. However, not all of them offer a 1:1 return. The game is played independently, without any references to its parent show. Instead, there is a generic theme tune and a somewhat drab blue background against which the fuchsia Plinko ball really pops.

When you hover your mouse over the potential prize, a percentage of how likely each win is appears; the slot colors range from low to high risk. As BGaming states on its website: ‘Plinko is a metaphor for life, a mix of luck and misfortune, joy and disappointment.’


RTP & Volatility

If you enjoy games with a high payback ratio, play the casino Plinko game online. With changing volatility, this game provides 99 percent RTP and variable volatility.

Min & Max Bets in Plinko

This game has a sweet spot for most players, with minimum and maximum betting choices of 1.00 and 100. On the other hand, this game does have some flaws which might make it less appealing to certain bettors or gambling enthusiasts. The greatest achievable win is 10,000x at high risk; nevertheless, because the game is completely unpredictable, these wins are exceedingly uncommon.

You may track your earnings and losses by looking at the table located on the side of the screen. You'll need to be playing at a high level of risk to view Plinko's top victories, which are as follows:

  • 8 lines = 29x

  • 9 lines = 43x

  • 10 lines = 76x

  • 11 lines = 120x

  • 12 lines = 170x

  • 13 lines = 260x

  • 14 lines = 420x

  • 15 lines = 620x

  • 16 lines = 1,000x


Plinko is a great game for players who love casual games with the potential for big wins. With an RTP of 99 per cent, it’s hard to go wrong when playing Plinko online. There is no skill or strategy involved in this game; instead, it’s all about luck and chance. The biggest wins are available when playing all 16 lines at high risk, but these are rare.

If you’re looking for a relaxing game with simple gameplay and the potential for some big payouts, BGaming’s Plinko is the game for you.



How much can I win playing Plinko?

The biggest available win is 1,000x when playing all 16 lines at high risk; however, given the completely random nature of the game, these wins are incredibly rare.

What is the RTP of Plinko?

This game offers players 99 per cent RTP with variable volatility.

Is Plinko a skill or luck based game?

Plinko is a luck based game with no skill or strategy required. The biggest wins are available when playing all 16 lines at high risk, but these are rare.

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